Saturday, March 2, 2013

Let it Snow! Answered Prayer!

Our one goal for this mini trip was to see SNOW! The kids have never seen it and really really wanted to.

So we let me first tell you how awesome my hubby is! After a waking up at 8am Friday morning, then working a 10 hour shift he drove ALL night, from 10pm-7am, to get us to TN by Saturday morning! The weather forecast was only predicting snow on Saturday and this man wanted his kids to see some snow!


We woke up surprised to see daddy still driving and urged him nap. We quietly passed time letting daddy get some sleep. He wouldn't sleep more than 3 hours so that we get on with some fun!


 No snow yet, so we went on with our plans going first to the Mayfield Dairy Factory!


Our lovely Mirabel is often behind the camera as she is gifted and truly has a passion for photography! After witnessing how we get our neatly packaged milk and ice cream at the grocery store, we got to taste it! 

Next stop was Sweetwater Valley Farm to see how the milk gets from cow to the factory. Mirabel somehow forgot to pack shoes for the trip, so her only option was to go through the tours in her church heels, LOL. It was cold but we still hadn't seen snow...


The tours were cancelled for the day due to the cold and melted snow that caused mud all over the farm but that didn't stop us from eating and buying lots of cheese! We were really starting to think we had missed the snow, but were determined to find it even if we had to hike the tallest mountain!

After a pit stop for shoes and dinner and driving around Knoxville and Pigeon Forge we were sure we had missed any chance of seeing snow. We hadn't seen any yet and the weather forecast was sunny for the next couple days. Game over! We had a hard time finding a RV park to stay at for the night due to most shut down for the winter season and reopen in the springtime. After calling 12 different ones that were all closed we found one 11 miles past Gatlinburg, TN. It was farther out than we wished but seemed to have a lot of amenities to keep us entertained due to our lack of snow fun that we had hoped for.

Well, during the last 2 miles of a long dark road, to what seemed the middle of nowhere, we started to see a white gleam in the headlights. Turns out God can answer even the smallest of prayers, "Please let us see snow" in an over-abundant way! 


We didn't just see snow falling, we saw a white blanket of snow that covered everything! 


We didn't just see snow, we played in it, threw it, built snowmen, and made snow angels!


It is crazy that you can see not a flake of snow then 2 miles away have 3 inches on the ground! Was it a miracle? Well, let's say in these three kids mind it was! An answered prayer for sure!!!

God is so awesome and big! God is so faithful and kind! God is all-knowing and has completely weaved our lives and experiences together, we are just traveling along the super fun journey we call life! Isn't it crazy that God loves us so much He would give us more blessings than the gift of His only Son! We deserve nothing beautiful in this fallen world yet get nothing but beauty! Beautiful Savior, beautiful cross, beautiful SNOW!!!

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Soli Deo gloria - Glory to God alone

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  1. We truly missed your presence in "our pew" Sunday at Worship service