Monday, March 25, 2013

Summit9 - Christian Alliance for Orphans

Brian and I are planning on attending this year's Summit 9 in Nashville, TN.

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Seeing as this conference will cost $350 for Brian and I to attend we are praying we win this giveaway!

This is what I am really excited about:


George Dennehy - "People are surprised by his life story, including his brush with death in a Romanian orphanage, and his adoption by his U.S. family at the age of one." His is one amazingly talented young man. "Because he was born without arms, he sings and plays music from his heart using his feet."

David Platt - An amazing, truth speaking pastor, author of Radical and an adoptive parent. His church took the command to care for the orphans literally and all the children in his county found a home within his church family, amazing! Brian and I are reading his new book, Follow Me, now.

Bishop W.C. Martin - "The Martin's share a roadmap to social transformation by demonstrating how his tiny church adopted and forever changed the destiny of 73 at risk children."


Building Church Orphan Ministry 101: Launching Your Ministry by Paul Pennington and Jason Weber, Hope for Orphans
Biblical Counseling and a Successful Orphan Care Ministry by Daniel Bennett, Bethany Community Church
Building Church Orphan Ministry 201: Foster Care by Bruce Kendrick, Embrace Texas

Time to Man Up for the Fatherless by Lonnie Clouse, Back 2 Back Ministries

Say Yes to Special Needs by Emily House, All God’s Children International

The Church as an Alternative to Foster Care: How Churches Can Change Lives and Systems Across America by David Anderson, Lydia Home

Our heart:

I hope through the hearts of the speakers and titles of the workshops you can see what we are truly excited about!

Jesus' love for the orphans, the fatherless, the helpless and weak!

Brian and I have such a heart for fostercare and adoption. We know that God gave the church, not the state, the responsibility to care for the orphaned and the hurting. We should have churches across the nation over-flowing with foster and adoptive families. How beautiful would it be if our pews were filled with children of all ethnicities and nationalities. What a joy when people stop us and say, "why? why are you doing this? why do you care?" So that we can reply "because this is Jesus' heart, therefore it is ours!"

Is sharing the gospel a "calling"? No. Quite clearly it is a command, as Christians we ARE to spread the good news! So is caring for the orphan and needy a "calling"? The defenseless, the powerless, the helpless, the needy, the orphan are on God's heart. God tells us we get a new heart as Christians and therfore we have His heart! As Christians it should be our ultimate mission to spread the gospel and provide care for the needy! Why? Because the state that the lost and the orphan are currently in BREAKS our Father's heart so it BREAKS ours!

Brian and I want see orphan ministries started in our church, in our county's churches, in our state's churches, in our country's churches! We want to see the gospel spread and His children cared for!
We want to attend this conference, listen, learn, read and GROW and conform more and more to His image!

"We urge you, brethren, admonish the unruly, encourage the fainthearted, help the weak, be patient with everyone. See that no one repays another with evil for evil, but always seek after that which is good for one another and for all people. Rejoice always; pray without ceasing; in everything give thanks; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus." 1 Thessalonians 5:14-18


UPDATE 4/2/13:

Although we didn't win this contest and a free registration, over the past week $600 in anonymous gifts were given to us through our church! PRAISE GOD! We are officially registered, have a sitter for the 5 blessings and are GOING to Summit9!!!
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Soli Deo gloria - Glory to God alone


  1. Praise God for His Providence! The Gator!

  2. Mr. Gator, be praising God all the more, we got an anonymous donation of $100 to attend this conference! ;)

  3. "To God be the Glory, Great things He has done...!" Joining you in Praising Him. The Gator

  4. I hear you my sister! "We know that God gave the church, not the state, the responsibility to care for the orphaned and the hurting. We should have churches across the nation over-flowing with foster and adoptive families." Amen!! Prayers and best wishes for you to get to attend Summit!! You have encouraged my heart... ps...your family is beautiful!

    1. Chelle: I love your super fun, crafty blog! I also love your testimony and kindred heart for the orphans! I hope to see you at Summit in May!

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    1. The Gator: Nice avatar (aka web picture that portrays an alter ego)!

  6. I'm here reading as part of the CAFO blogger contest team! Thanks for sharing your heart! You have a beautiful family! -Megan