Friday, February 22, 2013

Happy 2nd Birthday Ty-man!

Today my littlest man turns 2!

I can't help but reminisce about his birthday last year. His very first birthday and already so much going on. So much emotion, so much joy, so many tears and so much love.

One year ago my little man had a big party!


One year ago he was held by his birthmom and great-grandmother for the last time.

One year ago, two seperate families, shared the love we had for the same little man.

One year ago his birth family said good-bye and handed this sweet, handsome boy over to me.

One year ago I fell head over heels in LOVE!

Happy Birthday!

My little Tyman is SO loved and has completely melted the heart of his mama!

He is SO loved by his goofy daddy!

And he is SO loved by his fun brother and sisters!

He is SO loved!

Today I cherish my little man and think so fondly of one year ago. I will send a picture to his birthmom to thank her again for her blessing to our family and show her how much our sweet Titus has grown and how he is SO loved!

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