Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Joy in the Chaos

a Fun Photo Shoot by Emily Garrison

I cannot say enough good things to convince you that Emily Garrison was an absolute dream to work with! She was creative, fun and, oh, so patient! Bathing, preparing and dressing seven children for a photo shoot is a quite the feat itself but then add seven favorite animals also and well you can only imagine the chaos that could ensue.... ;)

But Emily....she managed to turn our chaos into beauty. Here is the photo shoot in its entirety.

 Ah, we made it safe, on time, nobody's outfit got peed on during the drive and all the animals are cooperating relatively well...

A lovely day for a walk....or a parade! 

Geez...I love this man!

And this crew is my heart! We didn't create this family....we were just willing to be God's canvas! The heart of God.

Doesn't it just all look picture perfect? During the above photos Maggie somehow managed to step in every ant pile in the park while we walked to different photo spots. Each time a screaming panic ensued. Poor little lady! The sun was blaring, we were all getting frazzled and sweaty, at least two kids got stepped on by the horse and Mirabel got peed on by her goat....

 Life ain't always peachy but the chaos in this life doesn't ever have the right to steal our joy!

After a very full photo shoot our photographer surprised us with small whip cream pies. It was explained that we are to hold the pie....

taste the pie....

And smear some pie on the person closest to you's face.

But then free reign was given. Shove the pie, throw the pie, get messy....GO!

And as you can see Anthony was the primary target for such pie fighting goodness.

I just may be beginning to revel in my life of intense chaos yet even deeper joy!





Posted by Shannon
To God be the Glory


  1. Hi Shannon, I was also born in 1987 but I live a very different life than yours. I had negative experiences with religion as a child which led me to become an atheist as an adult. However, following your family on your blog and facebook has brought tears to my eyes many times. In 28 short years, you have permanently changed the lives of at least 8 people (your children and husband), and inspired countless others. I haven't thought about God in years but if he is giving you the strength to do what you do with incredible humility, then I want to know him better. I'm still very far from becoming a Christian but sometimes I'll pray and it makes me feel more at peace.

  2. These are beautiful photos! I love reading your blog and seeing the fun things you do as a family. Hope you have a great weekend. Love J x (in southern England, U.K.)

  3. Praise the Lord, what a beautiful family ❤️❤️❤️❤️
    May God bless you guys.
    Thank you for sharing a such beautiful story with us.