Saturday, February 28, 2015

Home Sweet Home! Before and After Home Photos Part Two

The world of home improvement is not an easy one to reside in but it is SO worth it when the work is done! We are greatly enjoying the fruits of our labor.
Here is the second half of before and after photos of our new home!
In the boy's room there were only plywood floors with carpet tacks along walls. After much effort pulling all of them up we laid down wood laminate which we scored free off of Craigslist!
A pipe must have burst previously and they ripped through the wall to get to it. After installing all new plumbing materials we bought a new sheet of drywall and painted the entire room.
In the closet we just water sealed then painted the plywood floor. The boys are thrilled with their room and the space compared to our last home!
Oh, and that painting in the boy's room, here is a close up. I painted that for them and it turned out better than I had planned :)
The girl's room did not have any painting done and the ceramic tile was already there. They had a new window installed and a couple of tiles needed to be replaced.
This bottom bunk is where Brittany will sleep!
We just painted the girl's closet floor after bleaching it and water sealing the plywood.
The wooden set of bunkbeds was donated to us the day before we received the call for Brittany! God knows our needs before we do!
The bathrooms were just plain gross when we first saw the house. Nothing that baking soda, bleach and some elbow grease couldn't take care of!
The tile in this room was peel and stick laminate and was shifting and peeling up. We carefully removed all the tile and this is what we used in the kitchen for flooring.
The table was our dining room table when we were first married. It is 10 years old. Last year it stayed in a shed that ended up flooding and we had to toss 75% of what was in there. The table was covered in mold and I couldn't save parts of it but after some sanding, water sealing and painting it created our own little private nook to sit and talk over coffee.
Once the tile was pulled up and reused we put down more free wood laminate we scored free off of Craigslist!
This is our HUGE master bathroom and I LOVE it!
Two sinks, my favorite! That necklace holder is just a piece of painted wood with small nails hammered in it to hang jewelry on.
The shower took some scrubbing but the toilet was not salvageable and we had to replace it. Our friends at Mr. Rooter were a huge blessing to us in so many ways!
The tub is just amazing and yes we use it often! We plan on doing a tile mosaic around the tub some day soon. We have the tile and supplies, just gotta break that tile and get on it.
We are thankful for this extra storage space for tools, paint, Christmas decorations, etc. Without a shed or garage this closet is a tremendous blessing.
God has already answered a huge prayer of ours. We prayed that this home would be a place of much fellowship and a revolving door for many visitors. God has certainly used this home already, even in the very short time we have been in it and in all it's unfinished projects. We have had nonstop visitors, at least two a week, even though we live quite a drive from town out in the sticks.
We even were able to host an amazing family from Wisconsin just this past weekend. The Storms family was such a blessing to us and it was a great joy to offer up our home and our RV for 10 strangers to sleep in. While they were here we were able to learn of and attend an Abolish Human Abortion conference here in our town. It was very enlightening and rekindled a simmering fire within us for the sanctity of human life and the great need for the church to rise up and become serious about defending the poor, the weak, the orphan and the widow whatever the cost.
March is here already. We have plans this month to get seeds in the ground for our garden, fence in the remainder of our 7 acre property and begin growing pasture grass for the animals and get wheelchair ramps built onto our house for Brittany's arrival!
Here is a 6 minute video that we made to show a small snippet of our daily lives:
God is so good to us!

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  1. I love the before and afters and especially the Lego kids painting. I found your blog by actually accident while searching for uplifting foster to adoption stories. My husband and I are adding a few more kiddos to our ordered chaos through adoption so I'm excited to get encouragement and realness in our journey. We live in Oregon and although the training through the state is awesome, there's something about seeing it real from a Christian mom and dad's viewpoint. Thank you for sharing your beautiful family and home. Blessings to you all!

    1. Thank you for your kind words! Thank you for visiting!

  2. Lovely!!!! We are praying over the same thing! We are so close to being debt free and feel the call to adoption again.....

    1. Yay! Debt-freedom is awesome and adoption is twice as awesome!