Saturday, June 14, 2014

Thriftiness - DIY Recycled Pallet Creations

 This post is unlike most of our parenting/adoption blog posts. I wanted to share all our pallet creations. Pallets are free (most of the time) and pretty easy to find, most any retail store that gets in large shipments has pallets. We pick up free pallets and free wood from ads on craigslist or as we happen to find them on the side of the road.

We (mommy and the kids) have made many structures with pallets, here is our kid's favorite:

Two Story Playhouse

Just 5 pallets held together with 12" wood scraps. I replaced the flimsy plywood roof with an old metal door. That made a sturdy surface to build up. Then add a slide from the side of the road!

We used 4 more pallets, two on each side. Again attached with scrap wood and using 7 cut pieces of 2x4 we constructed an A-frame and stapled an old tarp to it for a high roof. Old pool ladder was trash.

Our two story playhouse cost $20, just for a box of screws! (That box lasted for all our other creations too!)

Rabbit Hutch

Using a pallet as the floor, all recycled wood and an old sheet of plexi-glass we built an oversized rabbit hutch. The chicken wire and hinges we did buy new. The paint was just left over exterior paint.
So our entire rabbit hutch cost $20 for chicken wire and new hinges and hooks. 

Chicken Coop (small)

We used 3 full pallets, some recycled wood and one small pallet cut in half for the door. We put up 3 shelves from old plywood and the roof was an old metal "detour" street sign that was left on our property.
Total for the hinges and hook we spent $10 on our chicken coop!

Donkey Stable

This was by far our biggest pallet project. It took 15 pallets and lots of strength!!! The 2 big kids and mommy pulled it off though! For a pallet wall we laid 4 pallets next to each other and using 5 scraps of wood we screwed them together at the corners and middle. Then we raised the walls!
To attach two walls we used 3 wood scraps to brace walls together at corners.
Once three walls were raised we added 2 more pallets for a half wall and recycled deck beams as roof support. Mirabel drilled in the thin plywood pieces we had and we nailed a tarp on top.
It is ventilated and roomy for our donkey and goat herd on a rainy or hot day! Now just to add a pallet door!
Our stable cost us just $10 for hinges!

Duck Coop

We found an old cabinet on the side of the road, perfect nesting boxes for our duckies and it came with free hinges! Plus two pallets for side walls and one more cut in half for the front.
We covered the entire pallet house in chicken wire and added a sheet of recycled plywood as the roof. On the opening pallet door we added a small white door as a duck entrance.
With a thin plywood piece we hammered small scrap wood on to make a duck-friendly ramp. We also shingled the roof with leftover trashed shingles.
Our duck coop cost a total of $1 for a hook and eye hardware set!


 Chicken Coop (large)

Using 5pallets, one left over pallet cut in half, some trashed plastic siding and chicken wire we built a double wide chicken coop. This one is lower to the ground but my little kids have no problem gathering eggs!
We lined the side and back wall with shelves and added roosting poles on the far right side. We may add box dividers if needed but for now our chickens love it!
Our chicken run panels were given to us when a neighbor was cleaning up there yard. Our coop cost $20 for chicken wire and hardware.

You can do it!

When building your chicken coop or animal habitat remember it is going to be covered in poop! They sell such cute little rabbit hutches and backyard chicken coops at the stores for over a hundred dollars and they look beautiful but the moment your bird or bunny is well fed and happy they will change it's appearance and value forever! Paint makes anything look good! You can't mess up, your chicken won't chew you out, your bunny won't turn her nose up to it, if it has a roof and a comfy spot to rest they will love it and your wallet will feel nice too!

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  1. This is so great to see all that you are doing. So many people today believe we have to do things in such and such a way....but God provides in so many wonderful free pallets! (: We too have a small farm. Moved from an 80 acre farm in the western side of the beautiful Upper Peninsula of Michigan to the lower, northern central part to find resources for one our adopted children. Much sacrifice, much love, so dependent upon God for every provision....especially in the hard times.

    We are wondering if there is anyway that you may be able to contact us privately? We have a few questions, but would rather not post them where anyone can read? Delicate topic (:

    May God bless your day, your family, and all that He sets forth for you.
    Blessings, hugs, and prayers,
    Carl, Andrea and family

    1. I would love to talk to you, can you message me on our 5 Kids 6 Months Facebook page and I will give you my phone number or personal email? Look forward to hearing from you!

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