Sunday, February 9, 2014

I Can't Handle This!

I remember being asked recently, "Shannon, are you really thinking of adopting another child?" As she softly touched my arm.

I responded with a quick and unashamed, "Oh YES, we are always open to adoption!"

Her hand retreated, "Oh Lord, Child, how many do you think you possibly handle!?!"

"Me, I can handle zero, but the Lord, He can handle an infinite number!"

She was right, I can’t handle this. I can’t handle adoption. I can't handle my current kids. Adoption is hard. Kids are hard. Love is hard. I have searched and inquired about so many children up for adoption. I have seen so many children's profiles that share information about their likes, struggle and needs. You read those profiles and think “that child is more than I could handle” or “I couldn’t take a child that struggled with xyz”.
But can you imagine what your profile would look like?

This is just a tiny sample of the profile my God in Heaven saw on me. He knows not only our outward deeds but our inward thoughts and the motives of our hearts. He saw me, with all my problems, issues and labels. With all my “special” needs and conditions. He pursued me anyway. He lavished His love on me anyway. He adopted me anyway. Is this the same God that adopted you into His heritage and inheritance through His Son, Jesus Christ? Is this the same God who loves and calls us all to care for the orphan? A God who teaches us how to love unconditionally, the way He does perfectly?
Shannon was ADOPTED in January 2009!
This God that adopted me and walks with me and indwells me is teaching me an amazing love like His. A love that is not hindered due to fear. A love that does not accept with conditions. A love that does not stop due to difficulties. A love that compels me to action. An active, working love. An adoption love.
Our journey through loving our adopted kids has been a journey of learning what it means to truly love like Jesus. To love sinners in their greatest and most painful sin. To love those who push away, even reject love. To love those who may never love us back. This love is costly with no return on investment. This love is called sacrificially love. This is the love of Jesus. This is the love of adoption.  

What does your profile say? What would be that one issue or condition too great, too sinful that would keep God from adopting you to Himself? What would be that one issue or condition too great, too sinful that should keep me from adopting my child? What would be that one issue or condition too great, too sinful that would keep you from adopting a child? Are we basing our view of adoption on fear, conditions or difficulty? Or are we basing our view of adoption on the sacrificial love of Jesus who can handle all things?