Friday, July 12, 2013

Some Cow-Hugging Fun!

Happy Cow Appreciation Day @ Chick-fil-A
Our Herd had a blast!

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With all the work of selling our stuff and getting ready for a big move and major life change it was nice taking a break and working on a fun family project.....dressing up like cows! (What!?! Your moving? Click here to read about our upcoming move)


We got together all our white clothes and did a quick thrift store run for anyone missing an outfit. We cut out black fabric spots, and more spots and more spots! We made little foam ears with black and pink felt marking and cut out brown foam horns for boys and red felt bows for girls! Lesson: Project Planning 101


The kids got a good sewing lesson then lots of cow-spotty-fun practice! Lesson: Intro to Sewing Cow Fashion


Then came the signs! Some cardboard boxes, old twine in the garage and a sharpie everyone was able to design their own chickfila-cowie-mispelled-dripping sign. Lesson: Motto Design & Creative Art


We even whipped up a quick costume for a friend's sweet little baby! Oh! and can you even stand the cuteness of these twins with a dose of cow-cuteness!!!

Here is some fun we had with our finished product!





If you didn't notice Tyman REALLY liked the cows! We have a new obsession! Chick-fil-A! Daddy! COWS!

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