Wednesday, May 16, 2012

I love because I have been loved

While cleaning and organizing today I re-read my mother's day card from Yukehily. I thought I would share as it meant a lot to me today, now that my heart is restored. (I was kind of emotionally unstable on Mother's Day if you read my post). Envelope, "To: My Beautiful mom who Adopted, From: Yukehily who you are adopting. I love you!" Inside 1: "You've cared for me and loved me so I love you. Happ...y Mother's Day!!" Inside 2: "Dear mommy, I love you so much you can't even imagen how much. You've loved me alot."

It is true. I have loved her A LOT. I commited to love her before she came, regardless of her behavior. I loved Yukehily when she ran away....3 times. I loved Yukehily when she screamed strong, cruel language and obscenities at me. I loved Yukehily when she told me she would never love me and make my life awful unless she got to go back with her real mom. I loved Yukehily when she hit me. Now, Yukehily loves me because I first loved her. Thank you God for teaching me how to love, not based on merits, but because You do.

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