Risa's Story

told in Risa's own words...

"The 1st home I lived in was with my birthmom, it had cockroaches and rats. It was a trailer, we watched TV a lot. Then I was taken away from my birth mom when I was 4. I was separated from my brother and sister and moved to a foster home with a "granny" (a non-relative older foster mom) and 2 other younger foster kids. I moved again to another foster home with Mr. Brian and Mrs. Shannon."


"I was happy in fostercare and living with my brother and sister again, we did fun things. My birthmom had a lot of "dads" in the house, I liked having just one Godly, funny dad."


"We got adopted and got to see our old school, teachers and house. I like living in this home because now I have a little sister and brother. I now have a nice home and actually get fed every day. My family goes out to do a lot of things and we play together a lot. I like that I get to be homeschooled."

"If I ever saw my birthmom again I would give her my bible and say, "I do love you but you weren't a good mom. God created you and loves you. Sometimes God would be mad you because you did wrong things and disobeyed His commandments. But God came into the world to die for your sins. God is holy, he is never wrong and always perfect. He gives us everything we need. We need to listen to God."

 Posted by Risa (with Mommy's help)
Soli Deo gloria - Glory to God alone

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  1. What a Sweetheart! I see a bold, passionate heart in this dear one! How tremendous the changes in her life and how awesome is our Loving Father that has brought her to a home that will set her coarse for heaven and show her such love as she'd never known before! My heart leaps for joy knowing she's so much more than safe, warm, and well fed physically, but she'll have her spiritual needs met with her precious, amazing, Godly Mommy and Daddy!