Farm Life and Our Pets

 In addition to our one house dog and fish tank we also have a plethora of farm pets. Some are rescues, most are permanent farm residents, and some were purchased or bred to be raised humanely for food for our family. All are VERY LOVED!!! 

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Fezzik's Story:

Fez was given to us in January 2014 after our sweet Shaka went missing. He is a 3 years old miniture Australian Shepherd. He was owned by a young girl and when she left for college her parents needed to find a more active home for this energetic and super smart Aussie. Fez had his quirks. He was super nervous all the time (Aussie's bond deeply and are fiercely loyal to one owner). He had never been around children and their childlike activity and volume had him fleeing and barking often. He bonded to me right away and I needed his affection as I was mourning my sweet Shaka. He provided that comfort to me.

I wasn't able to give him my complete heart right away as it was very broken. As God healed my heart Fez won it and by March 2014 I was sure he was the dog for our family. The kids began training him and he caught on to every trick right away.

He loved being a farm dog and guarding and herding all his animals. He made me feel safe on the nights Brian had to work late as he would bark nonstop at any movement in or outside our yard. No one was going to get by with Fez on patrol!

Now he is doing great and LOVES all his kids. He has gained all his super smart Aussie confidence back. He no longer runs or cowers in fear but greets all our friends with a warm welcome. He is submissive-natured and has been a great buddy for all of our foster dogs and puppies!

In Memory of Shaka's Story (RIP):

Brian and I adopted Shaka in August 2006 when she was roughly 1-3 years old. After 2 years of marriage and much nagging from me Brian surprised me by stopping by a local Petsmart on a "pet adoption day". They had several dogs from several local rescue agencies and shelters. With Shaka, a border collie or australian shepherd mix, it was love at first sight! Her fur was severely matted so the first stop was the groomer. During the 1st couple weeks home we found out she had a very irritating submissive-urination issue, was the most hyper dog possible and was nearly impossible to break her jumping all over people.


After months and many almost heart-breaking decisions of bringing her back to the shelter she finally broke from her submissive-urination issue (when a dog, in excitement or fear, will urinate on themselves when looked at or touched). Once her confidence was built she was the most awesome dog EVER!


Being my only baby she was very spoiled, I was like a soccer mom, but with sheep herding (yep, we seriously learned how to herd sheep together), agility (she was a natural) and pet therapy (we were trained and licensed as a pet therapy team and visited institutions and hospitals to bring the suffering joy). She spent many years being a mommy to homeless, orphaned kitties and puppies and was amazing at transitioning to a home full of human orphans!


Shaka went missing January 1st, 2014 and to our grief we found her deceased on February 2nd, 2014. This is her memory! My first doggie love!

Posted by Shannon
Soli Deo gloria - Glory to God alone


  1. Sorry for your dog, we will pray for it, and for you to find it. Hugs from Mexico!!

    1. Thank you! We know God's will is perfect but I miss my Shaka!