Mirabel' Story

Mirabel's Story told in Mirabel's own words:

"When I lived with my birthmom she never told me that I was in fostercare when I was 6 months old. When I was 7 years old I was taken away from my birthmom because I was not fed or protected from danger. I moved in with a family that was friends with my birthmom but was soon removed again. I was surprised at school by a caseworker with a big teddy bear and was told I was going to live in a different home. I moved a couple hours away to a different city, a different school, and met my foster parents. They had three other children, they were mean and bossy, in my opinion. When my foster parents said I was leaving I was very happy. I moved again to a different city, a different school and met my new foster parents, Mr. Brian and Mrs. Shannon, they were very happy to see me. Some other people came over and were excited to meet us but I hid my face because I was shy. I remember they went to church with us and sang praises to God."

"I became very angry after I found out I wouldn't be able to go back to my birthmom. I missed her and wanted to live with her again. I kicked, screamed, ran away 3 times, said I hated my foster parents, and hit my foster mom. The police came and got me each time I ran away. All that time God was watching me. My foster mom came into my room, I sat in her lap, she told me the whole story of why I was taken away and why I could not return, she didn't hide anything from me. I remember her telling me that she didn't know why God didn't make a baby grow in her or why I had to be taken away but what she did know was God works all for good to those who love Him. We cried and hugged and over time I began to realize that this was a good home where I was fed, loved and could have fun."

"On May, 30th, 2012 we were finally adopted by parents who actually loved me. When I got adopted I felt happy because I, finally, got to stay in a forever home. God put me in a home that feeds me, loves me and goes on exciting adventures! After the adoption my parents surprised me by taking me to see my old teachers and my old school. My kindergarten teacher was my favorite and she gave my mom pictures of me when I was little. We also saw our old home, I thought it looked small and trashy but it brought back good memories of old friends."

"If I ever saw my birthmom or she ever reads this I would want to: give her a hug, say "I love you and forgive you for not protecting me" and give her a bible so she can know Christ as her Savior and we can see each other in Heaven."

Posted by Mirabel (with mommy's help)
Soli Deo gloria - Glory to God alone

2/23/14 - Watch Mirabel's Baptism Testimony here:


  1. Couldn't get through this without crying. Absolutely beautiful! Mirabel, you're story is such a wonderful testimony of how God loves you so much that He handpicked out the absolutely best parents for you! He can use your story to help other girls and boys that have a story like yours that need hope and to show the world how He's adopted us and loves and protects us no matter what! Thank you so much for sharing your story! Jesus has made you so beautiful and He'll keep making you more beautiful as you serve Him and become more like Him each day! I'm excited about what He's doing in your life! I'm proud of you! Hugs and kisses to you and give some to Mommy and Daddy, brothers and sisters for me!

  2. Mirabel, I am so happy for you! You are in a loving Christian forever home with wonderful parents God chose especially for you! Thank you for being brave and telling your story. You are helping other children just by sharing your experience. You are a beautiful girl with a beautiful soul and I know you are going to have a great life! Love always,
    Mrs. Pilcher from Sneads Elementary

  3. Such a beautiful story of true salvation! As a foster parent myself, your story gives me great hope for the children in my care. God bless you and your family!!!

  4. Im so sorry ive always loved you and alway will when i lost you i tryed to take my life theres not a day that goes by that i dont think of you