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This is our family!

This is Brian, my husband, and me! I love him with all my heart! He still gives me butterflies (and we've been married since 2004!). The best part of everyday is him walking through the door! He works as a director at Chick-fil-A and I homeschool our 6 beautiful children!

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Anthony joined our family, with his 2 sisters, when he was 9 years old in June 2011 after being removed and in 3 different foster homes for 7 months. He went by Uribe (yer-ee-bay) until we adopted him in May 2012 and changed his name to Anthony (means priceless, praiseworthy). We have been through a roller coaster of emotional and behavioral issues but are so proud of how much he has grown and overcome, he loves to laugh, learn, read and, most of all, just be a kid!

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Mirabel joined our family, with her brother and sister, when she was 7 years old in June 2011 after being removed and in 3 different foster homes for 7 months. She went by Yukehily (you-kay-lee) until we adopted her in May 2012 and changed her name to Mirabel (means wonderful beauty). She is incredibly loyal and, although she has had many emotional and anger issues while dealing with much grief, she has overcome them all. She is now such a peaceful, sweet, and happy helper!
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Risa joined our family, with her brother and sister, when she was 4 years old in June 2011 after being removed and in 2 different foster homes for 7 months. She went by Ludian (loo-dee-in) until we adopted her in May 2012 and changed her name to Risa (means laughter). She is so cute, smiles all the time and always speaks her mind. She has grown so much, going from size 2T to 6x in just a year, and has overcome so many learning obstacles and is now learning at her correct grade level!
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Titus joined our family when he was 10 months old in December 2011 after being removed at 3 months old and in a family placement for 7 months. He went by Ky'lin (kie-lin) until we adopted him in June 2012 and changed his name to Titus (means honorable defender). In just a year, our little man has made a 100% turn from being emotionless to a little joker, always laughing and making others laugh, and from barely being able to sit up to mastering every obstacle at the playground!
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Magdalene joined our family when she was 6 weeks old in September 2011 after being removed at birth and in 1 foster home for 6 weeks. She went by Hailey (hay-lee) until we adopted her in October 2012 and changed her name to Magdalene (follower of Jesus). She has been raised as our own and although very colicky, with much seperation anxiety as an infant she is now as sweet as can be with a tad of sass...well, maybe a lot of sass!

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Samuel joined our family when he was 7 years old in February 2014 after his previous adoptive family had decided to disrupt his adoption. He was abandoned at 6 months old in China and after spending 4 years in a Chinese orphanage he was adopted by a U.S. family. After almost 4 years in the U.S. he was placed for adoption for a 2nd time. He went by the name Turner (Ter-Ner) until we adopted hime in May 2014 and changed his name to Samuel (heard by God). He is adjusting extrememly well to our large, homeschooling, farming family and loves pitching in. He is super smart and loves to build and create things, if missing he is most likely found with legos in hand!

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Brittney joined our family when she was 10 years old in June 2015 after being removed and in several different foster homes and hospitals for 8 years. She went by Brittney until we adopted her in September 2015 and changed her name to Anna (means full of grace and favor), although we will still call her Brittney. Although we were initially fearful of parenting a child with such a long list of special needs and diagnoses that fear has since turned into nothing but joy! Brittney is a joy to be around and brings a smile to everyone's face!

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We have many animals and pets on our farm, visit this page to see more!

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Posted by Shannon
Soli Deo gloria - Glory to God alone


  1. I love your story! I was supposed to just breeze through your page because I remember stopping by one of your yard sales. I did not expect to be drawn in so emotionally. You inspire me to so much more to my kids. How you balance it all? I'll never know, but you seem just what those kids needed in their life. I hope they love you endlessly and appreciate all you are for them. Just when the days seem long and you're at your wit's end... Pray on!

    1. Thank you! I am a weak and imperfect mother just following a perfect God and His will! Thank you for coming to one of our many yard sales! Jesus is teaching me how to love my kids whether they love and appreciate me or not! I love how you said it, PRAY ON indeed! :)

  2. Hi Shannon,

    I work for a Christian foster care agency and we would love to add your video "A Journey Thru Foster Care told by Foster Children" to our training curriculum for foster parents. Please let me know how to best get in touch with you if this is something you would like to do. Thank you!

    1. Hello Kim, we would love our videos to be used to encourage others! Can you go to our Facebook page: facebook.com/5Kids6Months and message me? I can give you my email and we can chat! Thank you!

  3. Happy to have run across your blog! Have been exploring...every page...and just can't stop!! :)

    It seems we may be like minded people. And your story inspires me.

    Thank you for taking time to share, in order to encourage others and promote foster care adoption.

    God is so good!!

    Rachel B

    1. Rachel, you are too kind! Praise God for giving us the grace to inspire and encourage others!